Life Unify
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Ticker: LIFE

Life Is Better When We Unify

High Pledge

We have put our life’s earning as the pledge. We hope that is a good proof about our dedication. We have put our skin in the game.

AdaUnify, is our way to serve the community. We hope the information and the analysis tools that brings to the table, would help to make the Cardano community even stronger.

In-house Dedicated Expertise

We bring years of technology experience ensuring the maximum upkeep of our stake pool Life Unify.

Cardano is bringing the world together on a level playing field.

Welcome to LIFE

You can find our stake pool in the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets by our name: Life Unify
Ticker: LIFE

Stake Pools

Stake pools are the backbone of the Cardano blockchain. The chosen stake pool gets to add a block to the blockchain which is what makes the whole system work. This is why the stake pools get rewarded for their work. 

Stake Pools


Delegation is the way you can delegate the stake associated with the amount of ada you hold to a stake pool.

You do NOT need to transfer your Ada to the stake pool to delegate.



Each time a stake pool gets to add a block to the block chain, it gets a reward in the form of Ada.

This reward gets distributed to the delegators in proportion to their individual stake.

My Rewards


Delegation to a Cardano stake pool is  completely safe.
You retain control of your Ada. You can also choose to delegate to another pool if you are not satisfied with the returns from your stake pool.

Is It Safe?

Let Your Ada Generate A Passive Income

 Stake with Life Unify 


Stake Pools

Ada held on the Cardano network represents a stake in the network. The larger the amount of ada you hold the larger your stake is.

An ada holder can earn rewards by either delegating their stake to an existing stake pool , or by running their own stake pool. 

Since running a stake pool is not an option for every ada holder, delegating their stakes to an existing stake pool allows the individual ada holders to share the rewards of block creation.

The more stake pools there are on the network the more decentralized the ecosystem becomes. This is the reason the Cardano community encourages to support and encourage the smaller stake pools operators.


Cardano Is The Most Decentralized Blockchain

Cardano network is now fully decentralized for block production. Stake pools are now producing hundred percent of Cardano blocks. This brings the power of the platform in the hands of the people. 


Let us clarify some of the often used terminology. 


A cryptocurrency is simply an identifier created by software that gets stored on the blockchain. Since cryptography is used to prevent unauthorised access, the word crypto has got associated with the software currency, hence the name cryptocurrency.


A blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions that is distributed across the internet on the blockchain.


Cardano is a fully decentralized blockchain platform that stores the information about every transaction in the form of a distributed ledger.  


Ada is the cryptocurrency used on the Cardano blockchain. All fees and rewards involved with any transaction on the Cardano blockchain, are paid in Ada.

Stake Pools

Since the reward is based on the size of the stake, individual holders of Ada can collectively stake to a pool to maximize their return. 


Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. In return they get rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegate when the stake pool gets to generate a block.

What Makes Cardano Unique

Peer Reviewed Design

Most software companies try to improve their software when they get hit with issues. As a result, their software ends up as a hodge podge of workarounds that make their applications risky and inefficient as they grow in size.

Cardano on the other hand adopts a totally different approach. They started with extensive research of existing systems followed by their own own design and development of protocols that have been mathematically proven to be secure. They invited industry leaders and universities for reviews of their white papers that they created with utmost details.